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9 Shocks Terror - Mobile Terror Unit

Aus Rotten - A.I.D.S

Aus Rotten - They Ignore Peaceful Protest

Born Dead - Homeless

Bread And Water - Cash For Houses

Brother Inferior - Who Will Protect Us

Conflict - A Piss In The Ocean

Conflict - There Is No Power Without Control

Crass - Banned From The Roxy

Destroy - Burn This Racist System Down

Detestation - Trash

Discharge - Protest and Survive

Discharge - Society's Victim

Discharge - State Violence

Disclose - Fear of the Nuclear Age

Doom - Police Bastard

Extinction of Mankind - Apocalypse

Fleas and Lice - Up The Punx

Kaaos - Jasen

Massgrave - Endless Sprawl (LIVE)

No ID - Another System Song

Scatha - Fuck The System

Tuco Ramirez - Egocentries

Tuco Ramirez - Plak Oorlog

Witch Hunt - Sick Game

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