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Ordering Information

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Ordering Information

Coming Soon: Crust Punks Order Form & Paypal

We scratched out the PayPal/Order form thing, but we're working on coming up with something for you soon!

We've been recieving many orders lately and this is what has been happening and why i say this, "PLEASE stop sending checks!" It's just stupid. Instead of you writing it out, sending it, then me recieving it, and having to go to the bank and cash it...this can all be avioded by a nice simple "concealed cash" money order. I beg you, cashing checks is becoming a pain in the ass, haha. If you send a money order i don't have to waste time, and this means i can also prepare then ship your package quicker. We thank you for your continued support,    -CrustPunk.

Due to complaints with customers using the 'Paypal' service, it has been removed from the site. Paypal supposively was stealing credit card numbers and charging money on peoples accounts and many other problems. We are very sorry for this inconvienence, we had no idea, and we removed it as soon as we found out. It seems the new preferred method from customers it to send a 'Concealed Money' order. Basically, place the appropriate money in a card in an envelope or somehting of that sort, and you can either include a list in the letter stating what you want, or for better convience and service, just e-mail one of us at CrustPunks and we'll prepare your order so when we recieve the money we can ship it out as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support.           -CrustPunks.

We were having trouble adding a 'more percise' order form...basically meaning we completely failed, had no idea what we were doing and couldn't do it...atleast as of yet. If you want to order anything, simply e-mail one of us at Crust Punks, along with your name and shipping adress. Also for the subject of the e-mail label it 'CrustPunks' or somehting regarding that the letter protains to the site, and we will send out your package within 24 hours of recieving your e-mail. Any shipping charges will be added to your subtotal.

Paypal will be added to the site soon for purchasing merchandise etc. check back soon-

(check back soon)